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Treatment Planning

The core of our dental philosophy is treatment planning. All patients are given a comprehensive treatment plan, a roadmap if you will, which tells a patient in understandable terms, where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.

Like a roadmap we first need to look around to see where we are in order to know which way to go. Looking around in dentistry means first, a look into your medical and dental history. It means a look into what problems you have had in the past and what problems you may have now. It’ something like detective work. The more information we get the more likely we can solve a problem to your satisfaction. Looking around also means “lifting the hood” to look at the engine or in this case opening the mouth to take a direct look at the teeth and all the soft and hard tissues that support them. There is lots of information hidden from direct view so we also take digital radiographs to see what is going on inside the teeth and bones. We take study models or “casts” and photographs that allow the doctors to continue to examine your case even after you have left the office. After studying all the information and using all of our sophisticated technologies, we develop a dental roadmap, a treatment plan.

When the doctors have developed the best treatment plan today’s dentistry has to offer we schedule you for a consultation visit to go over your unique situation. We spend as much time as needed for you to understand your condition and the best solutions we have to offer. However, we understand that for personal or financial reasons not everyone can complete a treatment plan all at once. The treatment plans are divided into stages so that rest stops can be taken and in some cases alternate routes must be chosen. We always provide options but never compromise care.

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